c. 1905
Lighthouse at sunset
c. 1905

Paul Signac

1863 - Paris - 1935

Watercolor and pencil on paper, not signed, paper size 3.74 x 5.04 in. (9.5 x 12.8 cm), frame size 9.84 x 12.6 in. (25 x 32 cm). Excellent condition. Fresh colors.

This artwork is offered with Certificate of authenticity by Marina Ferretti, Paris, dating February 1, 2016.

Price: € 12,000 / $ 14,000


This watercolor in cabinet size is well preserved. The artwork from an early period is showing the characteristic style of Signac with its sensitive liquid brush stroke, which is inking the sky above the horizon at sunset. The lighthouse glows in deep pink and orange.


During this period Signac spent a lot of time in and around Saint-Tropez, where he and his wife moved in 1898 to an estate called 'La Hune'. From there he explored the whole Mediterranean with his own sailboat.

Paul Signac applies alongside Seurat as the most important artist of Neo-Impressionism. Since 1908 he was acting as president of the Salon des Independants. With his person and his work, he influenced many later artists.


Learn more about Signac on www.paulsignac.net

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